Caskey Group has full-service mail processing capabilities, and an in-house mailing facility that can address and process your direct mail accurately and efficiently. We also offer mail list services, database management services, fulfillment, IMb tracking, and more.

Mailing List Services

Whether you want to append additional names to your current mail list, or target a whole new group of people, Caskey Group has a network of mail list providers for just about every possible audience you can imagine. We can help you:

  • Find potential customers
  • Map your delivery area
  • Create unique campaigns
  • Send mailings big or small
  • AND cut your postage costs

In addition to common search criteria – geography, gender, income, age, etc. – we can order postal and email addresses for special criteria, including participation in activities and interests, vehicle by type, make, and or model, online activity, and more.

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Tele-Media Summer Mailer

EDDM Mailings

Grow your business and increase revenue at a fraction of the cost…without a mailing list!

The United States Postal Service’s EDDM® is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size. Caskey Group helps your business take the guesswork out of that process and can help you map out your carrier routes, create and print unique designs, send a few hundred or even a few thousand mail pieces, while cutting your postage costs.

With postage costs as low as 20 cents per mail piece, an EDDM® mailing is perfect for businesses of any size, including retail, restaurants, auto dealerships, business services, healthcare services, nonprofits, and many more.

Direct Mail doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow and reach your target audience at the fraction of the cost!

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    Data Management

    Database Management

    Your customer and prospect lists are the key to a successful marketing campaign. Whether your lists are old or brand new, Caskey Group has the skilled individuals to help you clean, extract, review, and manage your list data to more effectively get your messages accross. Taking care of your date and fine-tuning it can help you increase response rates and increase revenue. Let Caskey Group manage your data to improve your bottom line.

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    IMb Track

    IMb (Intelligent Mail® barcode) Track helps you track important or time-sensitive mail, such as direct mail and special event pieces, catalogs, checks, and timely offers. Tracking your mail translates into real business benefits by helping to improve your cash flow management, estimate in-home dates, spot potential fraud and more effectively staff your call centers.

    IMb Track utilizes the postal service barcode to track direct mail through the postal system by customer name. This proprietary software gives our customers measurable statistics that are accessible from a secure, online dashboard. Key stats include:

    • Which pieces of mail were scanned at each U.S. Postal Service facility.
    • The number of days the mail was in the postal system.
    • Which addressee’s mail was delivered or not.

    IMb Track Barcode

    This knowledge can improve your customer engagement by allowing you to coordinate your message delivery with other marketing tools and plan future marketing strategies with more accuracy.

    USPS Informed Delivery

    USPS Informed Delivery

    See your mailbox from your inbox! The Informed Delivery® service by USPS® lets customers digitally preview mail and manage packages from the USPS website or through the Informed Delivery app. For advertisers using direct mail, this presents an exciting opportunity to reach customers through an additional marketing channel, and at a very low cost.

    How does it work? Each morning, Informed Delivery subscribers receive an email or app notification that includes black and white scanned images of the outside of incoming letter-sized mailings. These standard scanned images can be enhanced with custom color graphics, supplemental content and digital links to create an interactive digital campaign. In this way, Informed Delivery integrates hardcopy mail and digital marketing, providing multiple impressions and interactivity for subscribers in current eligible zip code locations.

    Additional benefits of an interactive Informed Delivery campaign include:

    • New Digital Channel: with a subscriber base of 9+ million, Informed Delivery is a new digital channel with significant growth potential
    • High Email Open Rates: for Informed Delivery users getting alerts via email, the open rate is typically greater than 70%
    • Campaign Analytics: collect information on campaign reach and results (e.g., open rates, click-through rates) through data analytics
    • Low Cost Investment: an Informed Delivery campaign can be implemented for a small fraction of the cost of other print or digital campaigns

    Caskey Group provides several options for advertisers looking to implement an Informed Delivery campaign.

    Option 1 – Fully Managed Informed Delivery Campaign – $150

    • Includes Pre-Analysis, use of Caskey Group Mailer I.D., Campaign Set-up, Build and Analytics

    Option 2 – Informed Delivery Setup/Client Builds and Maintains Campaign – $50

    • Includes Pre-Analysis and use of Caskey Group Mailer I.D.
    • Optional Analytics – $50

    Custom Campaigns – For advertisers looking to enhance their campaigns with additional functionality, we offer custom landing pages and URLs.

    To learn more about how to take your direct mail to the next level with an interactive Informed Delivery campaign, contact us today!


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