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There are two main types of websites that we develop: WordPress and Web-To-Print Portals. Here you’ll find information to help you understand what they are, how they can be used, what questions to ask clients to understand what they need, and important information to consider when moving forward with any web project.

How to determine which one fits the client’s needs best.

Will this site be open to the public, or strictly for internal use?

WordPress for Apparel/Promotions Programs.
Web-To-Print for printed materials.

Are there printed products that will have variable fields, such as business card?

Needs to be Web-To-Print. Regular websites don’t support that function or generating print ready files.
Web-To-Print, preferably for production reason, but can be WordPress.

Things To Consider With WordPress

Does/will their website provide a type of service, and or are they an educational organization?

Their site needs to be ADA Compliant to avoid legal suites.
They don’t have to be ADA Compliant.

Will they be selling anything or taking any kind of payments from on their site?

They will need an Ecommerce site with a payment gateway, and most likely a shipping method.
No payment gateway needed.


What's InvolvedKinds of WordPress SitesHostingURLsManaging a Pre-Existing WebsiteBuilding a New WebsiteSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)ADA Compliance

What’s involved

  • Initial Design (mockups of home page and some internal pages, and/or a theme)
  • Domain Setup
  • Initial Hosting Setup
  • SSL Setup
  • Email Group Setup for notifications
  • Setting up Payment gateways and shipping if ecommerce (Paypal Pro setup takes a few extra days)
  • Custom building of design/styles/templates, or tweaking theme to reflect brand
  • Setting up plugins and functionalities
  • Building pages, contact forms, ect.
  • WooCommerce setup if an ecommerce build
  • Category setup, and page builds for categories
  • Product setup (simple, variable)
  • Coupons (if applicable)
  • User account setup (if applicable)
  • Tests
  • Client Review, edits
  • Migration, if not built in its final destination (best practice is to be able to build site where it’s going to be initially hosted to avoid issues during the migration process)
  • Tests
  • Launch

Kinds of WordPress Sites

Employee Incentive Programs with points

  • Paypal Pro
  • SSL certificate
  • Set point values (ex. 1 point = $0.04)
  • Username/password based access
  • Items are usually branded apparel, accessories, knickknacks
  • Shipping methods (USPS, FEDEX, or free drop-off with caskey truck)


  • Paypal standard or Paypal Pro (depends on if they want to take sales on their site)
  • SSL certificate
  • Items sold depend on business
  • Shipping methods (USPS, FEDEX, or free drop-off with caskey truck)

Promotions and Apparel
School store/Apparel
Custom builds
Theme based
Landing page/promotional



  • Media Temple
  • WP-Engine

Not Recommended

  • Godaddy
  • Wix
  • Hubspot
  • Weebly




  • A domain which is part of a larger domain (
  • A subdomain is a division or alias of your domain that can be used to organize your existing website into a separate site. Typically, subdomains are used if there is content that is distinct from the rest of the site.

Managing a Pre-Existing Website

What we need to takeover and/or migrate a website

  • FTP Access (Host/Port, User, Password)
  • Admin access of the backend of the website (Username, Password)
  • Access to Host provider (Username, Password)

Site Migration

  • Each site has its own issues and no two migrations are the same
  • Can take 2 days or even up to 2 weeks to migrate a site
  • Time largely dependent on hosting (switching from one provider to another) and level of customization of the site
  • Godaddy hosting is one of the more complicated ones to switch, because it adds hooks into a site that later need removed if migrating away from

DNS host

  • A DNS host is a company that manages your domain’s configuration (also known as DNS resource records) that makes sure your domain name points to your website and email. Most domain hosts also offer domain name registration.

What We Need to Know

Is this a revamp of an old site?

  • What are their pain points?
  • What does it need to do for them?
  • What areas do they want to improve on?

Is this a brand new site/concept?

  • Do they want a theme (prebuild but still able to personalize to a degree), or a custom build (custom coding based off of a design)?

Do they want to be able to manage it themselves or have us take care of that for them?

  • Maintenance plans are flexible based on their needs
  • We can provide training sessions (1-2hr meetings)

Do they have a URL they want to use or do they need to purchase one?

  • We will need access to the DNS host (usually the place the domain names are purchased from, ex. Godaddy) to have the old/extra URLs redirect to new site.

What functionality do they need from the new website?

  • Is it ecommerce, informational/blog type, employee incentive program, or something else?
  • If it’s ecommerce, how do they want to take payments?
  • Off Site – Paypal Standard (free account), redirects to paypal for payments off site in a secured location, then brings users back after payments
  • On Site – Paypal Pro ($30/month), takes payments directly on site, need PCI Compliant Hosting (extra cost), and have to have an SSL certificate ($75/year)
  • If it’s ecommerce, how many products to they expect to have and are they simple or complex (variation options)?
  • Need pricing, size options, color options, product descriptions, ect.
  • Need to determine shipping method (ship by caskey truck, USPS, FEDEX)
  • Need product weights and dimensions for shipping plugins (usually from GSP)
  • Educational websites, or businesses selling a service, will need to be ADA Compliant

How many pages is it going to have?

Who is providing the content (body copy, images)?

Are there going to be any portals and how are they going to function?

  • Employee login, User login, Hidden content that is user specific

When do they want the site to go live?

  • Custom builds take longer than sites using a theme
  • Page count, product count (simple and variable), and content (provided by client, or writing/photographed by us) can affect the length of production

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase awareness in search engines
  • Keywords, Meta Data, Meta Description, H1 Tags, Body Copy w/ Keywords, ALT and TITLE tags

ADA Compliance

  • The federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires certain businesses to make accommodations to people with disabilities, including such measures as wheelchair accessibility to physical locations, access to service animals and the use of braille. In addition to these physical considerations, Title III of the ADA requires businesses to maintain an accessible website.
  • Accessibility of a website means ensuring that individuals who are blind, deaf or who must navigate by voice are still able to meaningfully engage with the content on your website. This can be done in many ways, including some that are not immediately obvious. All in all, totally revamping a website to be ADA compliant could come with a hefty price tag, possibly up to $37,000, but it insulates your business from being targeted by lawsuits.
  • Being ADA compliant is important for any business that provides a service or is an educational system.
  • Being ADA compliant can protect your business from lawsuits.
  • Recommend having an ADA Compliance page giving users a source of contact if they have any accessibility concerns, to help reduce the risk of a lawsuit and make the website more user-friendly
  • It is an ongoing process of testing and correcting content, & training web masters.
  • Create alt tags for all images, videos and audio files: Alt tags allow users with disabilities to read or hear alternative descriptions of content they might not otherwise be able to view. Alt tags describe the object itself and, generally, the purpose it serves on the site.
  • Create text transcripts for video and audio content: Text transcripts help hearing impaired users understand content that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.
  • Identify the site’s language in header code: Making it clear what language the site should be read in can help users that utilize text readers. Text readers can identify those codes and are able to function accordingly.
  • Offer alternatives and suggestions when users encounter input errors: If a user with a disability is encountering input errors because of their need to navigate the website differently, your site should automatically offer recommendations to them as to how to better navigate toward the content they need.
  • Create a consistent, organized layout: Menus, links and buttons should be organized in such a way that they are clearly delineated from one another and are easily navigated throughout the entire site.


What's InvolvedWhat we need to knowWhy a Web-To-Print Portal

What’s Involved

  • Deployment (initial storefront setup with our storefront host)
  • Site Skinning (some customization capabilities/ branding)
  • Extension setup for pushing files and any other requested functions that we can provide
  • Email Group Setup for notifications
  • Admin, User, and User Group setup
  • Category setup
  • Pricing table setup
  • Product setup (static, variable product builds, download code generation)
  • Tests
  • Client Review, edits
  • Launch

What We Need to Know

They have two options to choose from for their URL (need this in the beginning to start the deployment)

  • Domain or subdomain ( or
  • Standard storefront URL (

Who many products will there be?

  • How many are simple static items?
  • How many are variable items?
  • Do they need any downloadable links?
  • We need print ready files to setup items
  • We also need pricing breakdowns to build pricing tables and product quantity selections

Who needs access?

  • Full name, email address, shipping address, phone number, user level(regular member or admin)

Who needs to get the order notifications?
When do they want to launch internally?

  • We can do an email blast with usernames and defaulted passwords that they can later change on their own

Why A Web-To-Print Portal

  • Brand Consistency – Brand standards and design templates are centrally controlled, ensuring consistency throughout all communications.
  • Customized Content – Products can be set up with variable data fields that generate on screen as you fill them out to customize materials.
  • Material Management – All assets are accessible through one location, enabling portal administrators to track user orders and manage costs.
  • Inventory Control – Manage print inventory levels by setting up automatic reorder levels, ensuring you never run out again.
  • Streamlined Accounting – Reduce overhead with a customized billing schedule that suits accounting needs.


The design and printing on the card looks fantastic!!!! Thank you for turning it around so quickly.

Private School Client, Maryland

Awesome Job

Awesome job, as usual. The brochures look and feel delicious. Thanks Caskey!

Retail Client

A meaningful relationship

I want to say how much Caskey means to our company. We appreciate how much your team always has our back. We love working with you!

Education Client, MD

Nice Work

First of all, let me say you do really nice work! You’ve been able to take my vision to the level I was unable to accomplish with my limited resources and skills. Thank you!

Manufacturing Client, Pennsylvania

The Annual Report Was Perfect!

I am very impressed. Thanks for the great service and quality.

Financial Planning Client, Pennsylvania

You guys are the bomb!

You did a fantastic job getting my jobs done by my due date — especially since it was such a small window of time. You deserve a big THANK YOU and recognition for a job well done.

Mailing House Client, Maryland

So Many Services!

Wow! Who knew you offered so many services?! Very nice website!

Non-Profit Client, Delaware

Great AND Fast

Thank you. They look great!!!!! I appreciate you guys knocking these out so quickly!

Trade Association Client, Maryland

Amazing Service

Looks great! I really appreciate everything you’ve done to make this work! Excellent service, as always!

Public Utility Client, New Jersey

You guys rock!

We don’t say it enough. You guys rock. Thanks for all your help.

Healthcare Client, District of Columbia

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