2020 Employee of the Year

Posted on January 26th, 2021

Caskey Group announces the 2020 Employee of the yearThe highest award you can win each year at the Caskey Group is the Employee of the Year. The only way you can win the honor is by your co-workers voting for you. It takes a special person to win the award. You must be someone who works well with others, shows leadership, and is willing to go above and beyond to win the award.

Our employee of the year shows all these traits and more. She started at the Caskey Group on August 15, 2014. She is a quiet leader and has a “let’s get er done” attitude. She is as solid as they come. The employee of the year was responsible for mailing 832 different orders in the mail department with 8,111,096 pieces of mail coming through her hands in 2020. We have been offering mail services since 1999, and in all the years we have been offering mailing services, no one has been a better ink jet operator than the employee of the year.

She works hard to make sure the work is accurate and is completed on time before going home each day. She fills in and helps throughout the bindery when asked to do so. She works overtime on weekends when needed and is truly a team player with every employee who works with her. She recently took an excel class to learn more about how data was coming to her. It is a testament to her willingness to go above and beyond to be the best she can be. She is a wonderful leader in our Mail department, and we are thankful to have her here at Caskey.

The 2020 Employee of the Year is Sam Inners. Congratulations Sam!
(Photo: Sam and Caskey Group President, Tony Rife)

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The handbooks look great!

Thank you so much for your patience, flexibility, hard work, and everything you did to get this done. We are so appreciative that our work with you always goes smoothly.

Private School Client, Maryland

Exceeded Expectations

I would like to commend Caskey Group on a fantastic job with preparing, printing and sending my company mailers. I really appreciate the outstanding customer service. It certainly exceeded my expectations.

Inspection Client, Maryland


Thanks again for turning this around so quickly and we are very happy with your quality.

Banking Client, Pennsylvania

Thank You

It has been a pleasure working with you directly. We look forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

Graphic Design Client, New York

Happy Customer

Just wanted to let you know that we talked with the client today and they were very pleased with the mailer and magnet. Nice job!

Graphic Design Client, Pennsylvania


We have a good partnership going here. I would recommend you as strongly as possible!

Senior Community Client, Pennsylvania

Well Appreciated

Thank you SO much! I appreciate all you and your team did to keep us on schedule with our recent order. I know we weren’t an easy customer.

Print Broker Client, Ohio

Miles Ahead of the Competition

Thank you! As always, I can count on you guys…miles ahead of the competition!

Private School Client, Maryland

Great effort

The sell sheets arrived today – the exact ones I was looking for and in the requested quantities. Thanks so much for your efforts!

Food Services Client, Pennsylvania

Your MORE magazine is, well, MORE!

MORE is a true piece of art. The colors are vibrant. The artwork and the layout are both great. Two thumbs up…only because that is all the thumbs I have.

Printer Client, Pennsylvania

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